Current technology has improved significantly with its latest features such as safety, GPS, and engine. However, having diesel-engine vehicles sometimes requires a more in-depth understanding than gasoline-engine based cars. There are several most common issues that people with diesel-powered vehicles have and several car maintenance tips you need to know. The following are several most prevalent diesel engine problems and ways to solve them.


Unexpected Glowing Plugs

As the title suggests, plugs are glowing; they light up bright red! A difficult cold start is an indication that one or more light bars need to be replaced. However, you don’t have to worry as they do not require maintenance, but they need to be replaced. The glow plugs are critical since they enable to start of the diesel engine when cold. Diesel fuel is activated when it is pumped into hot/compressed air (in the cylinder). Therefore, glow plugs aid to ignite the engine during a cold start, after which they are only needed when the other one is “cold started.”

Dusty Air Filter

air filter

If your engine cannot ‘breathe,’ it is similar to fire without air. The dirty air filter can decrease power and consume more fuel. The filter is essential to prevent the dust in the air from obstructing the diesel. To solve this issue, you can change it or provide it a total clean. However, if you want to wash and clean it, take out the vacuum cleaner since this way can save money and do the job at the same time!

High Mileage and Injector Nozzles

If you get too much black smoke from the exhaust, especially when the car has traveled more than a hundred thousand kilometers along with the exhaust, the injectors have had a lot of work and may need to be replaced. With new nozzles or injectors, you can keep your car or truck feel precisely as brand new and more economical fuel.

Clogged Fuel Filter

fuel filter

Keep in mind that diesel fuel contains oil or moving parts when the fuel to run the engine. Therefore, you need to keep the fuel filter as clean as possible. Also, fossil diesel fuel (unlike biodiesel) is refined from crude oil, so it is not shocking that there is some dirt (and water) in petrol. Diesel fuel can’t work perfectly if the fuel contains water. Hence, the fuel filter needs to be replaced at an acceptable maintenance period.

Less Power on the Turbo Diesel

Many diesel engines today are equipped with turbochargers. The turbo increases the effectiveness of the machine. Even if you consider the electricity used to drive the turbo, the engine power increases enormously.