We want to present only the best to our sexual partners. And since we associate hygiene with the fair complexion, anal bleaching has become the trend of this century. In the past, only porn stars and erotic dancers get the treatment. It was something underground ten years ago. But as our minds have grown progressive toward sexual issues, more and more people want to get their anus bleached.

But before that, you should know that the discoloration of the surrounding skin of the anus itself is not a defect. It is a result of constant friction. Genetics also plays a part in determining the color of anus skin. In brief, your decision of getting an anal bleach treatment should be for an aesthetic reason because it does not affect the personal hygiene at all.

You Can Do It by Yourself

female bumAnal bleaching was something that only professionals can do. And it also means that the price is not economical. Luckily, there are plenty of DIY anal bleaching products these days. You can either order them online or go to local beauty stores.

However, you should choose the bleacher very carefully because it contains a lot of chemical substances. And not all people can tolerate skin lightening substances. It is better if you apply the product a little to your anus, and see if you experience any adverse effects. Always listen to your body, and do not take the marketing for granted. An anal bleach may claim to be one hundred percent organic, yet it may still irritate you.

Another tip for a DIY anal bleach is to read product reviews online. You can check if there is any user who has a history of a triggered skin allergy from using a particular product. Or, you can also read professional blogs about anal bleaching. You can see the page right here. Learn the varieties of anal bleach home products, and always try a bit first before you commit yourself to long-term use.

The Professionals Know It Better

perky buttEntrusting the treatment of your delicate part to the experts will be rewarding. You will be least likely to suffer from any adverse side effects. If you experience any irritation or complication, your beauticians will surely know what to do.

But it does cost you a lot to anal bleach professionally. One session can cost you up to $1,500. And you have to go more than once to see a significant result.

Also, if you do not want to get chemicals anywhere near your butt, you can opt for laser bleaching. It whitens the skin by breaking down the dark pigments in the target area. And the cost for this treatment is $375 per 20 minutes.

Things You Can’t Do Afterward

erotic posePeople want to undergo an anal bleach procedure because they want to enjoy anal sex. However, you shall not do any sex right after a session. You must wait for at least a week, even if you do not experience any irritation. Anal bleach is an invasive procedure. And the skin needs some time to heal before it can withstand friction.

Also, you must abstain from any sports for a week because heat, moist, and sweat make the recipe of irritation. You may still exercise lightly as long as the bleached area is clean.