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The Art of Mental Health Recovery

The Art of Mental Health Recovery (2)

If you or anyone you know is suffering from a mental problem then you should know that mental health recovery is possible. Often, when people are feeling depressed or down, the feeling can be very overwhelming that recovery seems impossible. This is the reason why individuals who suffer from mental problems compare their situations to the state of being in a deep hole. A hole that is impossible to crawl out of. This is just an illusion, though.

Anyone can recover from a mental problem no matter how big or serious the problem is. The road back to wellbeing may not be easy, but it is a path that anyone can take. Below are some of the things that can help people with mental problems take the road back to recovery. Know them and learn the art of mental health recovery.

  • Remember the four dimensions of recovery

The Art of Mental Health Recovery (1)Experts have identified the four dimensions of recovery. The first one is health. The individual must strive to have and maintain good physical health. Even if you don’t feel like it, you need to force yourself to eat healthily and to exercise regularly. It would be easier for a person to be healthy mentally if his or her body is in good shape.
The second dimension is home.

The individual should feel like the home is a sanctuary, a place where he or she can take refuge. The home should be a place where the person feels safe and sound. This is why it is important to keep peace and stability.

  • The next dimension is purpose

The individual should engage in activities that he or she will find meaningful. This can be a job, a hobby or any side activity. For example, some people find meaning in helping other people. You can volunteer in an orphanage or in a soup kitchen. Or you can simply spend more time with your family.

  • The last dimension is community

The person needs to feel that he or she is part of a larger group. It could be a family, an organization or even a group of friends. This group can serve as a support group for the individual.

  • The art of mental health recovery is simpleThe Art of Mental Health Recovery (1)

Some people think that the art of mental health recovery is complicated. But the truth is it is very simple. If al of the dimensions above are taken cared of, the person with mental problems will surely find his or her way back to recovery in no time.