Natural Remedies For Lower Back Pain

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There are so many reasons that cause lower back pain. Some of these reasons could indicate an underlying condition such as arthritis or kidney infection awaiting treatment, but many lower back aches could stem from our day to day activities such as poor posture, muscle strains from strenuous activity and most of all aging. It doesn’t matter what causes your pain; the point is; you can learn to manage and even stop the lower back pain so that it doesn’t interfere with your life.

Below are a few natural remedies for lower back pain.

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Gentle impact exercises

Exercises can help you reduce and even heal your pain. Though, not all exercises are your best friend. High impact exercises like spinning or jogging can actually alleviate your pain. Some of these low impact exercises you can indulge in include;

1. Yoga:

Yoga revolves around stretching exercises which are good for your muscles. Gentle yoga poses help improve your posture, and it also heals strained muscle ligaments a key culprit in lower back pain.

2. Core exercises:

Your core is the most important part of your lower back. Strengthening your core muscles helps in proper alignment of your spine. You can do this by sitting up straight and pushing your belly button towards your spine.

3. Massage therapy:

Massages help stimulate blood flow in your lower back a key in the healing process. Using a massage oil or visiting a masseuse can all do the trick.

  • Applying heat or cold

Using heat or cold in the affected area [in this case lower back] helps reduce pain in a multiple of ways. While cold presses help soothe your pain by acting as a local anesthetic, heat, on the other hand, helps increase blood flow hence speeding up the healing process.

  • Improving your posture

Standing and sitting upright has been seen to help reduce lower back pain by about 95%. Poor posture puts strain on the spine causing muscle spasms mostly translated as pain.

  • Getting enough sleep

Lack of sleep can make your pain worse. Sleep helps with the healing process, however where and how you sleep matters too. People with lower back pain should sleep on their side to help keep the spine aligned. Hard beds are a no; instead, you should opt for a soft bed.

  • Living a healthy lifestyleNatural Remedies For Lower Back Pain (1)

Smoking, uncontrolled weight gain can all alleviate symptoms of lower back pain. Nicotine restricts blood flow to your vertebral discs while weight gain exerts pressure on your lower back muscles causing pain. Eating healthy to maintain your weight and quitting smoking can help you reduce symptoms of lower back pain.
Though these are helpful natural remedies, it is always best to check with your doctor to rule out what is causing your pain.

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