Is It Healthy and Safe to Use Diet Supplements to Lose Weight?

Posted on 08/10/2016 By


Diet supplements come in various presentations and forms. They are sold as capsules, beverages, pills, and so forth. These products can help individuals attain their weight loss goals and improve their lives. Nevertheless, such products are becoming very popular because several individuals want to slim down without engaging in strenuous and extreme exercises. With so…

Natural Remedies For Lower Back Pain

Posted on 01/01/2016 By

There are so many reasons that cause lower back pain. Some of these reasons could indicate an underlying condition such as arthritis or kidney infection awaiting treatment, but many lower back aches could stem from our day to day activities such as poor posture, muscle strains from strenuous activity and most of all aging. It…

Stem Cell Therapy: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted on 03/11/2015 By

Stem-cell therapy is the treatment or prevention of disease or conditions using stem cells. One of the most commonly used stem-cell therapies is bone marrow transplant. However, some therapies extracted from umbilical cord blood are also popular. By using stem cells, doctors can create living and functional tissues that can regenerate and repair organs and…